Many people have asked the question “How do I buy Litecoin?” or “How do I buy LTC?” The following instructions have been written to help new Litecoin users buy the cryptocurrency. If you are interested in trying to buy Litecoin without purchasing Bitcoin first you may try GoCelery. Some people have issues using GoCelery due to bank incompatibility.
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Step 1
Purchase Bitcoin.
Currently it is not easy to purchase Litecoin with USD. The easiest and fastest way to buy Litecoin is to first purchase Bitcoin. You can do this through multiple online exchanges or vendors. To make this purchase you must have a checking account to withdraw money from. The most reliable Bitcoin vendor at this time is Coinbase. Your first transaction may take up to a week to process.
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Step 2
Exchange for Litecoin.
You can do this through multiple online exchanges. Each exchange has different withdraw and exchange fees. The most popular Western “friendly” exchange for Litecoin is the Bulgaria based BTC-E. Alternatively you may use Shape Shift to convert your Bitcoin into Litecoin.
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Step 3
Protect your Litecoin.
Once you have your Litecoin you will want to keep it safe. Many Bitcoin and Litecoin users keep their cryptocurrencies in exchanges. This is a risky practice! If an exchange goes out of business, or is hacked you might lose your Litecoin. To avoid this risk use one of the Official Litecoin Wallets. Currently there is not an Official iOS Litecoin Wallet. A good iOS Wallet alternative is Hive.

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Want to help support this website? Donate Litecoin

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